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Heather Johnston is currently a Marketing Intern at CATMEDIA. She attends the Georgia Institute of Technology where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy with an area of focus in both Environment & Energy and Philosophy. She is also pursuing a minor in Health, Medicine, and Society. Heather enjoys painting, writing short stories, and exploring nature trails in the Southeast.

Tips You Should Know For Successful Business Transitioning

If during the morning conference call you acquire sweaty palms with the mention of the phrase “business transition,” it’s time to come up with a plan. A business transition plan helps to establish...

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Effective Employee Communication Platforms: Using Videos, Webcasts, and Social Media for Training and Information Sharing

Globally, there are over 3.17 billion Internet users with billions of options for communicating with one another. [i] With so many communication platforms, you may be wondering about...

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How to Maximize Performance with a Human Resource Strategy

July 27, 2017

Tips for When and How to Use Infographics

July 27, 2017

Get The Feedback You Need With Social Media Analytics

July 28, 2017

Don't Let Employee Retention Be A Problem For Your Business

July 27, 2017

Why We Love Infographics: Psychology and Aesthetics

July 27, 2017