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While pursuing her Masters degree in Marketing, she is the Marketing & Social Media Specialist at CATMEDIA. She received her undergraduate in Marketing at the University of West Georgia and made her passion for Social Media her career. When not on twitter, she loves running and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How to Increase Sales with Social Media: 5 Detailed Tips

Social media has become an increasingly important avenue for businesses to connect with customers. With unlimited and sometimes overwhelming amounts of information on the web, people are turning...

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Blogging: 8 Tips for Beginners

Every 0.5 seconds a new blog is created and 60 percent of them are in English [1]. This may make you wonder, “So how does my company jump into this vast blogging world? With so many voices out...

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Social Media: Joining the Networks or Staying Offline

November 15, 2018

Don't Pick, Plug, and Pray: A Better Way to Use SEO Keywords

January 22, 2019

LinkedIn for Beginners: 5 Tips

July 27, 2017