How BAM MAIL can improve communication in your organization

In my last post, “Aligning Internal and External Corporate Communication Strategies,” I discussed the importance of having an effective internal communication strategy. After all, good communication is the key to success for any organization. However, if your workforce is dispersed throughout the nation or even world, effectively engaging your employees might pose a bit of a challenge.

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Think about it—what if you had the optimal communication tool that would allow you to reach and engage your entire workforce from anywhere in the world? Well, look no further. Your solution is here. CATMEDIA’s BAM Mail® (Browsable Attached Media) is essentially a one-stop shop to your organization’s communication needs. Delivered directly to your inbox in a self contained PDF file, BAM Mail® is an interactive communication tool that enables users with the ability to communicate and receive feedback in real time. Intrigued yet? Good! Let’s explore a few ways that BAM Mail® can be used to improve communication within your organization.

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Leadership Messaging

By now we’ve all had our share of experiences, in both our personal and professional lives, that offer some great examples of what can happen when we either communicate effectively or fail to get our message across. When we communicate effectively, transparency becomes our ally, and assumptions are less likely to arise. But when we fail to communicate or even communicate poorly, the results have the potential to be disastrous.

computer-desk-electronics-374074For those in roles of leadership, effective communication is right at the core of your function. I mean let’s face it—without effective communication, effective leadership is practically inconceivable. Now with the help of BAM Mail®, executives and thought leaders throughout your organization will have the ability to deliver clear and effective messaging to the entire company. Is your company currently going through an organizational or cultural change? Are you interested in gaining insight on the cultural climate or level of engagement within your organization? Would it be beneficial to be able to have face-to-face dialogue with other leaders or personnel in other branches or locations? No matter the initiative, BAM Mail® is the perfect communication tool for reaching and reinforcing your mission to all employees in a standardized format. 

Strengthening Employee Engagement.

business-communication-computer-261706It’s no secret that transparency is an essential component to building trust within your organization, but sometimes having the ability to equally engage all of your employees can get somewhat cumbersome, especially when logistics come into play. But with BAM Mail®, all those obstacles go right out the window. BAM Mail® is a highly interactive tool that allows for continual and collective engagement with all employees. With BAM Mail®, employees are able to send direct and anonymous feedback to senior leadership, receive updates on events and happenings throughout the organization, and continually foster open dialogue among employees and stakeholders alike. Imagine opening a file in New York and being able to connect with your colleagues in San Francisco via the same tool. With BAM Mail®, your organization’s communication capability is instantly magnified, encouraging the exchange of dialogue throughout all levels of the organization. 

Shared Learning Experiences

architectural-design-architecture-buildings-830891One of the challenges of having multiple office locations scattered around the globe, is not having the ability to streamline training, so that all employees haves similar learning experiences, no matter the location. But with BAM Mail®, these types of challenges become virtually obsolete. How amazing is that? Through BAM Mail®, training solutions can be delivered directly to the inbox of every employee in your workforce, regardless of their geographical location. This will ensure that all employees are accessing the same training modules and most importantly, having shared learning experiences. But that’s not all—remember BAM Mail® is highly interactive, which means that training modules will be developed with the intent of providing engaging, useful, impactful, and standardized learning experiences for all employees.

Embedded Video Capability

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 10.04.05 AMWhile many of us truly enjoy reading, I think we all can agree on one thing—nothing tells a story quite like video. If your organization is fully maximizing the potential of BAM Mail® via interactive messaging, anonymous feedback, training delivery, and perhaps even survey delivery, then the embedding of video will only make this tool that much more useful and impactful to the communication needs of your organization. Through BAM Mail®, users can also view interactive videos delivered in a 3-D carousel layout. By fully utilizing the video delivery capability of BAM Mail®, your organization can engage its employees through visual storytelling and create an ideal and highly communicative workplace culture for all employees.


rawpixel-558597-unsplashThe beauty of BAM Mail®’s functionality is that it can be personalized and adapted to meet the communication needs of any organization. BAM Mail® is both Mac and Windows compatible and can contain a variety files (documents, images, video, etc.) depending on your organization’s specific requirements. With this kind of flexibility, the look of BAM Mail® can also be customized and adapted to reflect the branding guidelines of your company or initiative. All that said, I can’t think of a better way to engage your employees than to have a customizable communication tool that is uniquely designed and tailored to the mission and values of your company.

So, there you have it. Communication can be challenging for any organization, but BAM Mail® is a comprehensive and optimal communication tool with nearly endless possibilities to enhance your organization’s engagement experiences. Equipped with the capability to embed numerous file types, interactivity, and ability to adapt to any operating system or branding style, BAM Mail® is everything your company needs and much more. So, if you’re in search of a versatile and innovative way to communicate with your workforce and facilitate open dialogue, there’s no question that BAM Mail® will make all of your communication dreams come true.

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