How Blogging Has Changed The Art of Copywriting

So, how would you describe a blog? Casual, sometimes unfiltered thoughts by an author posted online. Popular and accessible. Widely distributed. Influential, maybe? Even professional blogs that dot your LinkedIn stream (well hello there, by the way, glad you could stop on in) fit that description.

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With blogs all over the place and read every day by people across the globe, it stands to reason there’s going to be some impact. Online readers have come to expect a certain way that things should be written. Well, how about copywriting? That is the title of this blog, right?



The broad strokes of how blogging has changed copywriting is that it has increasingly made copywriting more conversational and more casual. This means different things depending on the brand. Some brands are friendly and inviting, some are sassy and funny. Think Wendy’s’ social media campaign.


Cutting Jargon

Part of this seeks to make copy more accessible and readable to the average online reader. That means less jargon. One thing that blogging has done to impact copywriting is now there is a lot less insider-code, because most copy isn’t written for the insider anymore. Instead, it’s written for anybody who comes across your website, or who follows your social media.



And it doesn’t all have to be dry anymore. It may come as a shock to some, but you can actually make a joke every once in a while, and it won’t drive people away. Your online audience now expects some amount of humor, if not a personality they can understand and relate with.

So, the big takeaway from how blogging has changed copywriting is around brand-identity and accessibility. With a wider audience, copy needs readability and personality. Blogging has changed the audience. And it has, in fact, changed copywriting.

William Warren

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William Warren works at CATMEDIA as the Staff Writer while also working as a theatre artist, playwright, and director in Atlanta, GA. He received his undergraduate from Georgia College & State University with a BA in Theatre.

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