Designing for a Target Audience

September 2, 2018 1 Comment Shelby Vecchio

What is a target audience?

A target audience is a specific group of people to whom a product, service, or brand is marketed in a variety of ways. In most aspects of an organization or business,...

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Pros and Cons of Native, Mobile, and Responsive Web Design

July 27, 2017 4 Comments Han Lee

With the ever-increasing amount of mobile devices online today it is important for organizations to determine which mobile optimization methods are best suited to reach their intended audience....

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Effective Employee Communication Platforms: Using Videos, Webcasts, and Social Media for Training and Information Sharing

July 27, 2017

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July 27, 2017

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March 9, 2018

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March 15, 2018

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July 27, 2017

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July 27, 2017